Custom Venison Processing

Sweet Sausage, Kielbasa, Italian Style Salami, Jerky and More

The Country Butcher specializes in Custom Venison Processing. We begin accepting all venison orders in January each year, and will post our drop-off and pick-up schedule below. Only clean and boneless meat will be accepted, nothing ground.

Venison Menu & Pricing*

We take great pride in the packaging of your meat products. We use vacuum-packing whenever possible. When you pick up your order, we will provide you with an additional information sheet on how to handle your processed meat.

*Prices are subject to change.



One of our most popular items. Polish-style, lots of garlic.

Italian Style Salami


Tangy, spicy salami. Just slice and enjoy.

Hot or Sweet Italian Sausage Links


Handmade the old-fashioned way with fresh herbs and spices. Stuffed into a natural casing.

Ground Venison Burger


Minimum 10 lbs. Ideal for hamburgers or meat loaf.

Smoked Summer Sausage


Like a beef stick, tangy. Great with crackers or sliced for sandwiches.



A ready-to-go snack for hunters on the run or in the stand.

Whole Smoked Hind Quarters


Cured, smoked, and rubbed with pastrami spices. Just like old-fashioned dried beef.

Hot or Sweet Italian Sausage Chubs


Handmade the old-fashioned way with fresh herbs and spices. Stuffed into a natural casing or 1 lb bulk chub.

Corned Hind Quarters


Like a corned beef brisket, but with your venison.

Ground Venison Bacon Burger


Minimum 10 lbs. We take our hickory smoked bacon ends and add it to your. ground venison.

Snack Sticks


Like a beef snack stick except with your venison. Super snacks while on the road or in the woods.

Venison Hot Dogs


One of the best hot dogs you’ll ever eat!



Zesty, old world flavor. Great for snacking or a topping for pizza.

Pricing Breakdown

Example: Sweet Sausage

20 lbs. of your boneless venison + 6 lbs fresh pork trimmings = 26 lbs

26 lbs x $3.50/lb = $91.00

Cooked products such as Kielbasa, Summer Sausage, Salami and Pepperoni will have a shrinkage rate of approximately 25%.

Example: Kielbasa

40 lbs of your boneless venison + 12 lbs fresh pork trimmings = 52 lbs

Pre-cooked and smoked weight. You will receive approximately 40 lbs of finished product. Weights of product will fluctuate due to type of venison, moisture content, fresh or frozen, etc.